Friday, August 24, 2012

R-Rated Material

In order to keep this site available to everyone I have added a 'lock' to all R-rated material.

If you would like to post R-rated material you have two options:

Option one:
1. Post on here with the title and 'emailed' in the body
2. Email with the content.

Option two:
For those of you who feel confident enough to play around with encryption and HTML code.
1. Write up your post - it is easiest if you only put in what will be hidden at this stage
2. On the top left corner is ||Compose||HTML|| - select HTML
3. Copy all of the text
4. In another tab/window go to this site:
5. In the "Key"(yellow) box input: iamover18
6. In the "Plain Text"(green) box input your copied code
7. Press the "Encrypt" button below the green box.
8. Scroll down to the "HTML Code" (blue) box and copy the code there
9. Return to your blog post and replace all copied text with the code from the encryption site.
(Do not worry that it now looks like a whole page of garbled letters)
10. On the top left corner is ||Compose||HTML|| - select compose
11. Add anything else you wish around the message

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Challenge 1 - Restart!

Back by popular demand (and with the backing of a writers' guild this time) - our second attempt to complete the 3 a.m. Ephiphany, from beginning to end - this time no skipping ahead!

Challenge 1
Write a first person story in which you use the first person pronoun (I, me or my) only two times. Keep the 'I' somehow important to the narrative you are constructing. The point is to imagine a narrator who is less interested in himself than in what he is observing.

Wordcount: 600 (+/- 10%)

Bonus Challenge 1: Write an up-beat and cheerful scene following these rules.

Bonus Challenge 2: Write a scene between two lovers following these rules.

Thus the ultimate Challenge is to incorporate both bonuses!

Good Luck Authors!