Thursday, February 11, 2010

Challenge 10: Ink blots

OOC: It's too long and possibly not what is meant by the challenge but here it is.

I like living here. You meet so many people when you live in a hotel. “Kitten, you're going to need to hop out from under the desk sweety.” says the receptionist, Mandy. Mandy doesn't actually mind me being under the desk, but that is a code to say that my dad is looking for me. Daddy owns the hotel, but he's still nice to the people who work here. “Ok.” I say as I go look for Daddy. He's always in one place when he's looking for me. Mostly because he mentions to one or two people who work here on his way. They tell other people who work here and then one will know where I am and will tell me. It doesn't waste his time 'cause he can do his work there anyway.

“Ah, Katherine.” says Father.
“Hello Father.” I say.
“You remember Mrs Danvers?” he says as I notice that there is a woman in the office with him.
“Hello Mrs Danvers.” I say politely.
“Mrs Danvers has a few questions to ask you.” says Father. “You can use the room just through that door.” says Father to Mrs Danvers indicating the Conference room that is occasionally my play room. “Katherine you are to answer Mrs Danvers questions, don't leave anything out.” says Father. I don't think he likes Mrs Danvers. That sentence is one we use as a code to say 'make everything as difficult as possible for this person. I don't think I have heard Father use that phrase before... I look at him, he is trying to smile, but it doesn't reach his eyes. I may only be six but I know when someone is trying to pretend.
“Yes Father.” I say.
“Well then, come along girl.” says Mrs Danvers.
“My name is Katherine.” I say. “Not 'girl'.” I add. Mrs Danvers does not look pleased.
“Just follow her Katherine.” says Father.
“Yes Father.” I reply following the evil lady to the conference room.

In the conference room I sit down on a chair across the table from the evil lady. She looks a little annoyed but does not protest.
“Well girl.” Begins the evil lady, looking in her bag for something.
“Yes lady?” I ask, she looks even more irritated but I see her contain it.
“What do you see on this card?” she asks holding up a card. She looks a bit smug now. On the card is an 'ink blot' I know what it is because Mandy had a prject for her course on them. She had to show them to people and I did it for her at one point. I look through the 'ink blot' like Mandy told me to.
“A Dragon.” I say. The evil lady looks surprised and a little annoyed again. She pulls out another card.
“And this one?” she asks. I look through it again.
“A unicorn.” I reply. The evil lady looks even more annoyed.
“Last one. What is on this card?” she asks, I can see her wanting me to get this one wrong, I think she picked a really hard card to be sure, she looks almost smug, so I look carefully.
“A Zodiac?” I ask, I'm not sure what a Zodiac is but the card seemed to tell me that was what it was supposed to be. The evil lady almost seems to pale when I give that answer.
“How did you know that?” she demands. I don't think she meant to ask that she seems a bit annoyed at herself for having asked it. But Father said to answer her questions, so...
“The card told me that was what it was.” I tell her.
“The card told you...” repeats the evil lady seeming stunned.
“Can I go now?” I ask.
“Yes... Tell your Father that Maveric blood breeds true.” she says as I am almost out the door.

“Katherine!” says Father happily as I exit. Suddenly I am caught up in a big hug.
“The evil lady says to say that Maveric blood breeds true.” I tell him. I knew I was magical.


  1. Sentient Rorschach inkblots! Or at least ones that talk. I wonder what 'The card told me,' would've done for Katherine if Mrs Danvers had been a regular clinical psychologist?

  2. Um... The intention was that the cards were magical and didn't speak aloud... Obviously I needed to be clearer....

  3. She seemed a little older than six, or maybe just precocious - well, I guess she is magical!

    I really liked it, though, and nice to see Mrs Danvers out of retirement *laughs*

  4. PS I've read challenge 10 several times and I've read all the responses to it and I STILL don't get it.

    And I still like this piece, so... *shrugs*

  5. You know someone named Mrs Danvers? ('Cause I don't)

  6. You've not read or heard of Rebecca? Daphne du Maurier - Mrs Danvers is a seriously scary ass housekeeper woman. Your psychologist must definitely be related to her! It's spooky that you came up with her independently, I thought it was a little homage!

  7. Heh, wow - I honestly thought it was a little nod to your psychologist being a scary evil woman. Maybe Mrs Danvers is real and you and du Maurier both had visions of her or something... :D I'm laughing a little nervously here because that really is SO spooky!

  8. Is it a coincidence that Katherine is in this story? Or is there something you're not telling me about Kitty's father / bloodline?!?!

  9. I just liked the name. Has nothing to do with the other Katherine.

  10. Ha, I knew Mrs Danvers sounded familiar :P

    And no, it is clear that the cards are magical (or at least, that she has magical abilities and can respond magically to the cards) - I was trying to think of it from the perspective of someone who wouldn't see it that way.