Sunday, June 13, 2010

Challenge 25: An anthem to a Hannah

She attracts them. As her stories tear a crater in the Creationism that is essential to most Christians in these times, the rest come (mice to cheese, teeming, toting their tricorne hats). No more Trinities and Creators – those asinine notions. No, she has science.

To some, she is the Antichrist, a test; those who hear her, the Creator smites. To others, it seems she remains sane in an Earth that is misaimed. Heat, rain, attrition, erosion, trash...Entire societies that hear her science treat her as a saint. Her notions are sacrosanct.

She crosses the seas, the oceans to share her stories: China to Romania, Croatia to Samoa...once there was Mass; now the masses come, in amazement, to hear her – some, to hear her accent – most, her notions.

Some in their area name her a terror. “Tame the Antichrist!.” She cares not. Her hair shines as she teases the Christians. “Rotters!”

Then, the tasers, the armaments come to the streets. There are arrests.

She zooms to Santa Monica, comes home – not retired. As soon as there is another chance...”Creationism is errant. I match their missionaries – I can has smart atheist teachers? To roam the American states and teach sciences?” She too roams the states, teaches the sciences and her notions.

Her sense is sooth; she is serene and certain.

Her science-thirst cannot remain in a state of satiation.

Her snazziness has no thesis.

None can harm or tame her.

She is Hannah. The Atheist.


Word count: 243 (The challenge hasn't been posted this may need to be adjusted accordingly.)

This story is based on the name of one of my dearest friends, who happens to be an atheist (but she doesn't go around trying to convert people!!) Using the letters ACEHIMNORSTZ, I was able to come up with over 300 words before I decided to stop - I didn't end up using most of them! The most interesting thing was seeing how getting a particular idea into your head (e.g. religion and atheism) affects the sorts of words you come up with.

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