Friday, August 27, 2010

And We're Back

After much time spent apart, our merry band of mad midnight writers has agreed to return to this project with a few modified rules. We still intend to complete every exercise - at some point - but now there will be a week between new exercise uploads. These new exercises may be chosen at random from anywhere in the book. This means we get to mix things up and I (almight dictator that I am) can do exactly what I feel like.


All rules about missing out on a challenge if you miss the deadline are scrapped (if there ever were any). We really just want this to be a fun project where people have a go and contribute no matter how crap their work may seem. No judges here, just fun!
So, you fellow members who think you've fallen behind, just pick an exercise at random and post something up. Let's get our momentum going again.


Love you all
- Ani

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