Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Affiliated site... sort of

It has come to the decision of the management that this site would be more accessible if the content were not adult themed. But we do not want to stop people from being able to write the more... explicit... material if that is where a challenge leads them. so we have created an alternate site called, imaginatively Epiphany R-Rated (The management is willing to rename upon recieving more appropriate suggestions). If you don't mind reading R-rated content then sign up to this blog: http://3amepiphanyprojectrr.blogspot.com/.

So people don't have to watch two sites at a time, if you write an R-rated piece you will be expected to write a small entry on the main site with a link to your piece and some indication of the reason for rating - one word is sufficient. Over the next few days old R-rated posts will be moving over to the new site. When completed the main site will be changed from it's mature content warning.

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