Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge 3: Denial

“She is such a slut” said Jane spitefully. “She's known him for like a week and already they're making out in the back courtyard during their breaks.” Helen nodded and made the sympathetic noises that were expected of her. The 'yes, of course's and the 'I know's were automatic by now. When talking with Jane they had to be. A person could quickly drive themselves mad actually listening.

Everyone knew that Jane had been completely in love with Derek for months now. Including him. He obviously had no feelings in return or he would not be making such a show of his lust for the new girl.

“It's probably just a phase for both of them.” Helen said once when Jane's rant fell into a lull. “I bet that in another week it will all be over.” He'll lose interest as soon as she puts out, she thought but did not say. Derek may be a nice guy but he was not that nice. He was certainly not above chasing a new piece of ass each time he got bored with the last one.

“I don't care if it will be over in a week!” Jane had begun to raise her voice higher than was necessary and people in the hotel lobby where they were working were starting to stare. “I don't want to have to watch them grope each other every time they pass in the hallway.” It wasn't that bad. Well... maybe it was. It wasn't really important anyway, Helen had learned to tune it out and now just walked past them without so much as turning her head. It was best not to look too closely anyway. “I had a guest complain about them yesterday you know. A mother said she spotted a couple of guests in the hallway getting closer to each other than she would have liked her children to see. Asked me to go and tell them to keep it inside their room. I went to check it out and what do I see but Derek with that little slut all over him. It's lucky she didn't realise they're staff.” She was getting really angry now. Really she wanted to be the one all over him in the hallway. Totally jealous.

She must be so insecure to get so upset over seeing a boy she had a crush on fondle another girl. Most people wouldn't care but she wouldn't let it go. She acted as if the girl was doing it on purpose just to make her angry. Somehow he remained blameless in her mind. Helen was getting sick of hearing all of this over and over again today, it was so pointless. She knew that she would be the one to get him in the end anyway. He may play around with girls like Cindy or Sparkles or whatever her name was but one day he would want a real girl and Helen doubted that he would pick Jane. It was just a matter of time.

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  1. I don't like that Derek gets to "pick" :( I don't think Jane does either! Does Helen want him? I read her as passive, but a little smug.

    'Somehow he remained blameless in her mind' good line.