Sunday, January 24, 2010

Challenge 5: The new guy

December 26th
Dear Diary – That's how you start these things right? I'm not sure what to write here really. Life is average really. Yesterday was Christmas. The first with Mum's new boyfriend. Which is why I'm writing this really. This diary was his Christmas gift to me and I'll hear about it from mum if I don't use it. I will admit that I like that he replaced the pathetic lock this thing came with by adding a proper padlock to the gift. Complete with packaging so I know who has access to it. He even gave me a neat chain to keep the keys on. Apart from the fact that I barely know the man he seems ok. Better than mum's last boyfriends. Why Mum dated any of them is beyond me. Mum wouldn't tell me. I am fourteen years old, I would prefer it if she would talk to me. That's really my only complaint about my life. Ever since Dad died two years ago mum hasn't had time to talk to me. I understand that she has to work hard to keep our apartment, but I would prefer less money and more quality time. Maybe it will get better with this new guy.

December 27th
Today was amazing! Mum's new boyfriend took us to the Zoo! He actually got mum to take a day off! We actually had a almost 'family' discussion over lunch. This guy actually listened to me, encouraging me to be part of the conversation rather than seeming annoyed that he wasn't alone with Mum. And then, even better than the whole day. Tonight after he left mum actually asked me what I think of him. I, of course, responded that I liked him. That he seemed to make her happier than any of her other boyfriends. We spent most of the night talking. It was great! We had a proper discussion of everything. I actually told her that I missed spending time with her and she admitted that she did too. So now we have a regular mum and daughter evening arranged for Friday nights. I even added that her new boyfriend was welcome to join in sometimes if he wanted to. Mum looked really pleased at that.

December 31st
It seems that mum and the new guy have been going out for longer than I thought, because we are on our way to his family home for New Years. Apparently he has quite a large family, not siblings but all of his aunts and uncles are regular guests at his father's home along with their spouses and children and their children's spouses and children. I really should stop referring to him as the new guy his name is Cesare Corleone. He is very family oriented, he is the only one of his siblings that isn't married. Almost all of his stories are about one or other of his family. And they are all varied stories. His family seem to be in almost every career I can think of. Cesare is an architect. Apparently he met mum while she was working as a receptionist for someone. Mum does a lot of temp work as a receptionist, sometimes for a couple of weeks while someone is away sometimes for a years maternity leave.

January 5th
I meant to write in here earlier but things have been really hectic. New years was great, after mum and I met all of Cesare's family – I still can't get names straight in my head – mum and I had a bizzare 'interview' with Cesare's mother and father then it was like we were long-lost family. Then at midnight just as the countdown finished Cesare proposed to mum! This all seemed so quick! Mum glanced at me for just a second for me to nod before saying 'yes'. It seems that his family decided that he's been single for too long so the wedding is today! I don't know how I managed to find time to write this. I am to be mum's maid of honour, I'm too old to be a flower girl. Then I will be staying with my new grandparents while mum and my new dad go on their honey moon! And while they are away I am to help move both mum and I and Cesare into the house that is their wedding present from his parents! They don't know that yet, I was called in to make sure that mum would like the place and it's amazing! Now I really have to go!

Wordcount: 761


  1. Hehehe, and then it turns out that the new guys is a mob boss' son?

  2. Probably. Not a member as such though, he really is an architect.

  3. Hehehe lol, true. Well that's good to know. Nice that some stories have happy endings :)

  4. Don't want our readers getting too depressed after all!

  5. *Giggles*... true... though some of the posts we've had so far are pretty dark or morbid or just plain freaky!

  6. i tried to write happy and it didn't work. maybe that can by my next challenge.

  7. Hehehe yeah, well the next challenge is up, so maybe we could add that to the bonus challenges?