Sunday, January 24, 2010

Challenge 6: First day

“Tirella, Mirella, Breakfast!” called our mother. Mother is the only one who calls us by our full names, most people call us Tia and Mia. And often enough they call us the wrong one. We don't mind. We barely slept last night. Today we were off to our new school. Hogwarts. Mother and Father have told us heaps of stories about their days at school. We can't wait to see whether we will be in Hufflepuff like Mother or Ravenclaw like Father. Though we suppose that we may end up in Gryffindor or Slytherin. Our trunks are all packed and Ella, our owl, will be downstairs having her own breakfast.

After breakfast Father magics our trunks into the car. And we are off. Off to King's Cross Station and the train to Hogwarts.

We were early. “Here we are, platform nine,” said Father, he and Mother were pushing Mia's cart while we pushed Tia's and held Ella. “Just walk through the barrier between platform nine and ten.” Mother instructed. We admit we closed our eyes before walking through but we heard people talking, then we heard different people talking so we opened our eyes and got our first look at the Hogwarts express. Mother and Father were right behind us. “Choose a compartment girls.” said Father. “Your Mother and I will help get your trunks in. “All right.” “Thank you.” we said as we found an empty compartment. “This one.” we said, choosing one near the front of the train, but not at the front. Father and Mia took Mia's trunk while Mother and Tia took Tia's trunk. Ella having been put in already. We placed the trunks tucked away in a corner of the compartment. “There's Mrs Weasley.” said Mother. “Her twin terrors will be starting this year won't they?” asked Father. “Molly!” called Mother, “Jennifer!” replied Mrs Weasley. “So these are your famous twins!” said Father. “This is Fred, and this is George.” Mrs Weasley introduced the twins. “Tirella and Mirella.” replied Mother introducing us. “Nice to meet you.” we said. “Enchanté” they replied in unison with a bow. “Would you like to sit with us?” we asked indicating the compartment we had chosen. They just bowed and picked up their trunks and placed them next to ours. We left our parents talking. “I heard that the sorting test is you have to fight an ogre...” said Fred once we were seated. “Really?” we asked, “Hogwarts, a history says it's a hat. Godric Gryffindor's hat.” we reply. “Bill was probably making it up.” replied George.

Travel was uneventful, we got some candy from the cart, and bought some for our new friends. Then we were there. “First years!” called a loud voice. “First years over here! Leave your trunks, they'll be along!” he called. We followed Fred and George to the boats and our first view of Hogwarts.

“Told you it was a hat.” we whispered to the Weasley twins as we were instructed about the Sorting hat and listened to its song. We joined the que.
“Fred Weasley” “GRYFFINDOR”, “George Weasly” “GRYFFINDOR”. This was hardly a surprise, all their family were Gryffindors.
“Tirella Prewett”, How odd to be sorted apart. What if we are in separate houses? No. We will not consider it. The Sorting hat takes our preference into account, Mother said so. Tia placed on the hat. “Hmmm interesting... plenty of intelligence, and plenty of tolerance... hmmm... Interesting... Two halves of a whole almost... Well you'd both better be RAVENCLAW”, “Mirella Prewett” The sorting hat barely touched her head when it yelled “RAVENCLAW”. Together, for Tia had waited, we joined our Housemates. It was a pity not to be in the same House as the Weasleys but we would see them around.

Wordcount: 660
Disclaimer: I do not own Hogwarts or any other part of J.K. Rowling's world or characters I only own Tia and Mia.

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  1. Hehehehe that was great! And very upbeat... excellent work. I shall have to decide what to write about tomorrow :P