Friday, January 22, 2010

Challenge 4: The Examination

I will be calm. I will not panic at the thought that most of the other people in this room are much older than me. I will not think about the fact that they have been doing this since before I was born. I can do this. “Kiera Grey” called the Examiner. I get up from my seat in the waiting room.

Kiera entered the examination chamber.

The chamber is not what I expected. It is a large bare room, unlike the waiting room there are no tapestries on these walls, they are plain white marble. The only feature in the room is a marble block that seems to be part of the room. As, in fact, it is. The Examiner has taken his place behind it and waits for me to step inside the only other feature of the room. A silver circle of ancient runes engraved into the marble floor. I do not need to look behind me to see the door is open only very slightly, signifying that the test has not yet begun.

“You understand that once the test begins that you will not be able to leave until you either pass or you die?” asked the Examiner. “I understand.” replied Kiera. “If you have any second thoughts, now would be the time to express them...” the Examiner added.

He thinks I am too young. They all do. But if I do not pass this now then all of the power I have will remain useless to the world they tell me I am to serve. I have as much control as I ever will have. If I do not pass now, I never will. I will be too dangerous to live. “I am ready. No second thoughts.” I tell him. “Very well.” said the Examiner and with a bow he placed his hands down on the marble block before him. The door seals itself shut and there is no visible seam to it. It is as though the Examiner and I are sealed in a single solid piece of marble. A second of claustrophobia grips me before I banish it. Fear is not useful to one of my kind. One whose blood is full of magic. A silvery mist forms around the examiner, his shield against what this chamber will release to test me. It is not his power that tests me. I can tell this immediately. I do not believe that I am supposed to know this. I am supposed to believe that the Examiner is more powerful than any other member of our kind. He is not. This room holds more power than he does. It may even hold more power than me.

The test took over an hour. Kiara's mentor waited patiently to see whether the girl truly had the control required to be allowed into the world with him to guard and protect their people from the ravages of the magic-ridden world around them. He did not waste his energy with emotions. That was what this test was all about. Emotions were dangerous when one could level mountains so magic-users didn't have them. Finally the examination chamber opened. Kiara Grey walked out unscathed. The Examiner however, looked worn, drained. Kiara smiled.

Wordcount: 546

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  1. Mmm interesting! I wonder what sort of creature / being Kiara is...