Saturday, January 23, 2010

Challenge 4: White flowers

It was now late afternoon, he would have to move quickly. On this planet once the sun set it got very cold very quickly. Tonight, to make it worse, there would be one of the biggest storms the planet had seen. Due to hit just after sundown. The vegetation here was short and sparse, having to survive both the intense heat of the day and the chilled cold of the night. Add to this the extreme UV exposure and it was surviving anything could survive here. Sean had prepared himself for the mission as best he could but nothing could really prepare you for a place like this. He paused for a moment to consider the mission.

I have been on this hell hole for eight days now. With the number of rocket launchers guarding the target they had to drop me a long way off. That wouldn't have been so bad except that since we don't know what kinds of tech they can detect, I have had to proceed almost unarmed, on foot. All I have is a small stun gun, enough food and shelter to survive and the dagger I stole from my last target. All packed small enough to fit into a low profile backpack. It has taken me this long but now I can see the building I have spent the last week walking towards. They obviously don't expect an attack from ground level or they would have made it out of something other than chrome and glass. It sticks ostentatiously out of the stunted and scrubby plants like a new cell phone propped up in a bowl of dirt.

Suddenly something caught Sean's eye and he took a moment to examine one of the plants. It was flowering. Tiny white flowers just like the ones that grew outside his window in the place he called home. Used to call home that is, he reminded himself. He would never see those flowers again now and there was a man in that building on whom much of the blame lay. He may not like the manner in which his mission had to be carried out but he would enjoy his success. Someone had to pay for what had happened and they would do so at the tip of his dagger.

I have no plan from this point. I don't know what security there is or where in the building to look. There must be hundreds or rooms. Never the less he will not get away from me. Once night falls and the storm begins, nobody will be able to exit the building for at least a day. My objective, to be the only person alive in that building when the storm does lift. The guards will be easy enough to deal with. I can just stun them then slit their throats before they come around. They won't be expecting it so I have the element of surprise. Wes Nye, however, will not receive the mercy of being stunned. He will face me fully able to feel the pain. I will show him as much mercy as he showed on my home planet.

Sean got up and started walking again. The low sun cast his shadow long and lean behind him.

He was going to enjoy this.

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  1. Sorry it's a day late and a bit morbid. I will post 5 soon

  2. Definitely morbid :P but great. I like the way the 'I' sounds almost like a log entry. Look forward to reading your no. 5 :)

  3. I almost combined 4 and 5 and made it his journal but decided that was cheating.