Saturday, January 23, 2010

Challenge 5: Tomatoes

November 20th

“I planted plants while he brews beer” I love it when life matches up to my favourite songs like that. Technically speaking it was vodka he was brewing and I'm not sure that setting up the hydroponics counts as planting but it's close enough for me.

I've just realised how bad that sounded. If anyone finds diary this they are going to think we sound like drug dealers. It makes me giggle to think that I'm actually growing real hydroponic tomatoes. Along with beans and carrots too. I wish we could have a real veggie garden but this apartment is on the 3rd floor.

As for the vodka, well... it's not like making your own is illegal or anything. And it's so much cheaper.

I've decided that once I finish my degree this time next year that both of us are going on an OE together to London. He can find a job in a pub and I can get one in a museum or whatever it is that people do with a classics degree. They say that any couple who can travel together are made for each other. It could be a good way to test just how great we are together. I am sure we will come through it great. Hopefully it will show mum how serious I actually am about him so she can stop nagging me about it.

Anyway, I'd better go I'm getting kind of hungry.

November 23rd.

D has got a promotion at work so tonight we went out to celebrate! I felt like such a rebel sneaking home made limoncello into the restaurant but nobody caught me and it tastes so much better than anything they sell there. I never could get a taste for wine.

Dinner was very romantic, he had the steak and I had the pasta. I could hardly pay attention to the food though. There were actual candles at our table and fairy lights strung right across the roof. Not the swankiest of places but perfect for us. We don't really fit in to upmarket kind of places.

The waiter realised we were celebrating and asked us why. Before I could answer D said “It's her 25th birthday today” which is a complete lie. I'm 23 and my birthday is in June. The waiter congratulated me and brought me a free glass of wine. D drank it though of course.

Sometimes I worry about how easily he lies but I guess as long as he isn't lying to me it's ok.

December 28th

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote anything. I just got so busy with Christmas that I didn't have time. I've managed to keep the plants alive anyway. Well... D helped. OK, maybe he's pretty much completely taken over. It's kind of odd really. He doesn't even like veges but he seems more than happy to be the one looking after them. He spends quite a bit of time looking after them now, I'm not sure what takes so long. When I asked him he said he was singing to them. I'd believe it too. He gets pretty stressed out so singing to plants could really help him feel better.

January 3rd

Worst. Day. Ever.

Well me and D split up. Our apartment got broken into by the police and it turns out that while D was 'looking after' my veges he decided it would be a good idea to rip them all out and replace them with pot. The guy who he bought all the plants off dobbed him in to get his own sentence decreased. We weren't even home when the police came to the house, I got home from work to find them there. Of course because I was the only one home they started grilling me about the plants and I had no idea what was going on.

Luckily them seem to believe that I didn't know about it although they could just be humouring me. D hasn't come home yet.

I guess when I said that we split up it wasn't exactly true, I haven't actually seen him yet since the police were here. He's as good as broken up with anyway. Luckily the lease is in my name so he can just piss right off and I can stay here.

I'd better go type out my formal statement for the police

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  1. Oh wow, that's brilliant! Great work - you introduce the doubt and then confirm it later, yet it's still a surprise. Me likes :)